Late Summer Photo Shoots, Kale Salad & Lots of Dessert

With summer officially coming to a close, there are just a few more desserts to be had! But before I share, I just want to say that I’ve spent the past few days moving into my new apartment at school and it is AMAZING. It’s a weird feeling to have my own apartment, something like playing house as a little girl, but all grown up. Nonetheless I am so excited, SO thankful and so so ready to see what junior year will bring!

On other news, I think that the beauty of ‘golden hour’ is completely underrated. I normally don’t have the opportunity to practice photography during this fleeting time of day, but when Adina and I had some time for a late August photo shoot, I knew exactly what time I wanted it to be. We headed to the park around 6:30 in order to get some great shots as the sun sank in the sky.

DSC_3283I had the best time taking advantage of the lighting.


DSC_3251 1.02.45 AMIt also helps to have a gorgeous roommate.

As summer winds down and I spent my last Shabbat at home, my mom and I wanted to make some dishes and desserts to make my goodbye Shabbat dinner extra special.

DSC_3462Peanut butter is a biggie in my house, as I am known to use it for baking as well as eat it straight off the spoon. When I was searching salad recipes for this week, I found a Thai chopped salad with coconut curry dressing that looked really unique. The base of the salad is kale, and in it are peppers, red cabbage and mango among other things. The dressing is a deliciously creamy and rich mix of coconut milk, peanut butter, yellow curry powder, garlic, lime and sriracha. The dressing was so thick that a very small amount goes a long way.

Along with honey glazed chicken that my mom made, I made sweet and sour cauliflower and an Indian potato-pea dish.

photo 3

photo 2

For dessert, I went a little crazy and made my flourless chocolate cake, which my dad said should be entered into a baking contest, upside down pear cake, mocha-chip meringues and chocolate chip sprinkle cookies. My mom made her classic mandel bread.

photo 1



DSC_3474Think we had enough dessert for four people?