Ramblings of an Intern


The best part about waking up at 5:45 a.m. is watching the sunrise on the train to New York (this particular sunrise is from Sunday morning).

About a month ago, I began interning for 7 On Your Side, the consumer investigative unit at WABC. Not only have I been spending my days speaking with people from all over the NJ/NY area and pitching stories to the producer, but I’ve also been making sure to observe the newscasts as often as I can to take it all in. This past Sunday morning, I sat in studio during the Sunday morning broadcast from 9 to 10. I got to speak with and ask questions of the anchors, and also met the stage manager.

Today, I got the behind-the-scenes perspective from the control room, as the coders and producers made newscast magic. What I thought was really amazing about this was the fact that the newscast is, to a degree, being produced on the spot. For example, Gov. Chris Christie held a press conference about the impending storm, but because we can’t be sure exactly the moment he is going to begin speaking, there has to be content on the air running right up to the moment he is going to come on, and then the anchors have to quickly introduce him before cutting to his speech. The other really cool aspect is choosing what footage to run alongside his speech on the screen. One of the reporters was in Jersey with a “road cam,” which does exactly what it sounds like it does (gets straight-on footage of the road as a car is driving), so since that was relevant for the viewer to see how the roads were doing, that was chosen. The control room is an energizing place where decisions are made thoughtfully, yet quickly.

What I love (even more) about television journalism now that I am beginning to experience a real-world newsroom, which is fast-paced and constantly changing. Even today, without the impending blizzard the entire day’s coverage would have been 100% different. I am also fascinated by all of the different angles by which a given story is approached. For example, not only are the actual weather predictions covered, but then there were a few reporters assigned to get the ‘people’ angle, where they reported from hubs like Grand Central Station to interview commuters as they rushed home early.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of this internship, but if I had to it would be the access I have to people working in the exact careers I dream of (and am working toward). This access is such a unique opportunity, and these amazing journalists are some of the most hard-working, talented and dedicated people (and they are always SO willing to speak with the interns, much to my delight).

Another really cool experience I had took place in the Time Warner Center right after work on my first day. I happen to love Columbus Circle, so I was walking around when I decided to grab tea at the Bouchon Bakery on one of the upper floors. Who was standing behind me but Hoda Kotb, of the Today Show. I recognized her almost instantly, but didn’t want to say anything because I am always afraid to be annoying. But when I saw her sitting alone with her dog, I figured this would be my only chance to ever get to meet her. So I told her I was a big fan and we took this picture.



It was a cool moment. I also asked her dog’s name, which is Blake, if anyone’s curious.

Now onto the food aspect of the city … being in the city so often means eating in the city. And honestly, I haven’t begun to take full advantage of all of the options open to me. This is solely because my favorite vegan place, Blossom, is a 7 minute walk from the studio. And I will bore you further with the fact that I get the same thing every time.

unnamed-3This is the un-chicken griller wrap, and it’s perfect.

I actually lied about getting the same thing every time. Last week, I graduated to the un-chicken griller sandwich (which is basically the exact same thing, but I was feeling adventurous).


Oh, and this hazelnut chocolate brownie rocked my world.